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Том про Локи
16.05.2011 в 12:04
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Давно я не лазила на тумблер.

Собрала тут все, что говорит Том о Локи.

“Through the course of the film, you come to understand the truth of Loki’s parenthood - who his parents were. And then I think [that’s where] the villainy - if I can say that - comes from. A betrayal, a rejection, and loneliness. He doesn’t belong anywhere, he doesn’t belong in this family, he was never a part of this family.”

“It’s the pain of someone who’s hurt and has no-one who’s really giving him any validation as an entity. So I think there’s both those two things - there’s someone who loves to start a fire and listen to the screams, and someone who’s also trying to find acceptance in his own heart.”

“I see Loki as like, this sort of cosmic puppet master. Like, if there’s bad shit going down in the universe, Loki’s probably pulling the strings.”

“Loki’s relationship to the Frost Giants - disgust.”

“[Loki] has an unlimited supply of throwing daggers. I’ve always felt like Loki doesn’t want to get his hands dirty.”

“So, rather than punch you in the face, he’ll just stick a dagger in your jugular - make it quick, efficient, and lethal.”

Меня поражает то, насколько точно он выражает свои (да и мои мысли) относительно поведения и состояния Локи, насколько хорошо он понимает его мотивы и психологию.

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